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January 14, 2008



hi jb, re: 'the big question'. this is one of your cutest of my favorites! how funny and sweet she is.

Go-Go Mommy

My advice - get your answers ready now! hee hee

Glad you liked the post! Hope to see you this weekend!


I found out over the years (my kids are 23 and 19) ... answer any questions (that make you squirm) in bits. If you give a tiny "bit" answer and they accept it, for the moment it's done.

When my daughter asked where she came from I did the same as you *GULP* ... during my hesitation she said ... "Lauren came from the hospital in Royal Oak, did I too?" ... I said yes, You were born in Royal Oak too. And that was it! Answered a 5 year olds question! As adults, we think further than they ask. So, by answering in bits, we find out what they really are meaning when they ask a question.

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