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October 26, 2007




I have had to block missing you out of my mind because it is too difficult to think that you are not part of our daily lives.

You helped us keep it together during some really difficult times. I remember the day that we spotted you on the walk on that cold winter December day ten years ago. I think you found us as much as we found you.

You are in good hands in your new home - I know J really loves you and you have a great yard now with plenty of ducks and birds to chase.

You have two sisters now - one remembers you and still calls you her dog - the other - well she does not know you but you would lover her - just not meant to be I guess with you living with us with the two little ones - it is for the best.

You gave us so much love when we needed it - now it is your turn to give that love to others that need it as much as we did.

See you soon.


Your Dad.

annette mcdade

Hey JB,

Just stopped by to catch up on the latest blogs. Sounds like everyone is doing well. I got the card yesterday and really enjoyed it. If my body only looked like the one on the card! Oh well, think I'll grab another Snicker from the Halloween bowl. Thank you for the card and take care.

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