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October 24, 2007


Katherine Stone

Thank you so much for writing about Blog Day for the MOTHERS Act. I hear the phone lines were pretty busy today, so if your readers haven't had a chance to call or to get through yet, I hope you'll encourage them to do so before the end of the week. Every single call is important to all the new moms out there.

Go-Go Mommy

Great point Katherine! Thanks for inspiring all of us to "raise the bar" and make sure all mothers and children receive the best care possible during such a life-changing time.

Well Go-Go Girls, you heard it - we have until the end of the week to make sure we dial up to show our support! Thanks!!

PS - I hope to meet you at BlogHer next year Katherine!

MGH Center for Women's Mental Health

Thanks for your support of the MOTHERS Act. Too often postpartum depression is a problem that goes unnoticed, and most women with PPD never receive any type of treatment. PPD is a treatable illness, and it is essential that we continue to educate ourselves and others about this important issue.

For more information on PPD, visit us at

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