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August 28, 2007


annette mcdade

Hey, just stopped by to catch up on the blog! Sounds like your doing well. It was great spending time with you and the kids. I cannot believe how big they have gotten and that BB is walking. Tell EB I owe her a bag of M&Ms and another ride in the garbage can. Take Care/Miss You. Annette

JB/Go-Go Mommy

Hey Annette!

Thank YOU for a great vacation! It was terrific (as always) catching up and actually getting to see S and D this time. I can't believe I also got to see a real movie - I mean, a movie with real live people instead of Pixar characters! Poppy can't wait for those M&Ms and Sweet Pea's legs are getting stronger - she's taking about 10 steps at a time before she realizes it's faster to crawl to get to where she wants to go. Miss you too! Come and visit soon!

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